• CA Crawler

    Crawls competitors using our ChannelAdvisor data, also provides some pricing models used for internal repricing

  • Fruit Frenzy

    An like Gamemode for Garry's Mod.

  • Hate3D

    A 2D/3D game engine inspired by Love2D but powered by Anger and Fury using it's own scripting language, standard library, and 2D/3D engine.

    • AngryScript!

      A scripting language for those who are angry at all the caveats of other scripting languages and provides an embeddable language for game development.

      Inspired by Python (mostly), and C/C++.

    • FuryBox

      An embeddable 2D and 3D physics engine written in C++, with support for basic 2D/3D OpenGL rendering for engine testing.

      Inspired by Box2D.

  • HML Checker

    Simple electron app for reviewing collected product information using either Excel workbooks or TXT/CSV import files, plus category tree manipulation.
    Also supports several column data types for ease in reviewing.

  • Löve2D Projects

    The master project for all Löve2D projects to be sub-categorized from.

    • Archer Tail

      Archer Tail is a "tower defense" style game where the player fires arrows to defeat enemies coming to attack him/her. Gear can be upgraded, quests can be undertaken, skills can be acquired, different towns and levels can be explored.

    • CookieCut Editor

      A simple destroyable environment editor based in Love2D.

    • Eyeballs

      A cupful of fun.

  • MAP Rat

    Breaking MAP, on my watch? Tsk, tsk.

  • Product Web

    A collection of web-crawling spiders for collecting Product information from various websites, primarily for mining affiliate data.

Also available in: Atom