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Fruit Frenzy Manager 07/27/2017
Hate3D Manager 06/14/2018
AngryScript! Manager 06/14/2018
FuryBox Manager 06/14/2018
HML Checker Manager 11/11/2019
Löve2D Projects Manager 08/28/2017
CookieCut Editor Manager 09/09/2018
Eyeballs Manager 08/28/2017
Product Web Manager 07/29/2019
SkullSurf Manager 05/29/2018



05:48 PM Product Web Revision 20a93842 (product-web): Patched fix for Impact Guns product ID and features.
- Also fixed misuse of str.split without correct maximums. Lane Shaw


10:23 AM Product Web Revision d3b44cfb (product-web): Patched Impact Guns spider to correctly find/format product features.
Lane Shaw


06:58 PM Product Web Revision 0928eaff (product-web): Updated Academy spider for compatibility.
Lane Shaw
06:50 PM Product Web Revision 756327d3 (product-web): Added support for passing priority to pipeline for media requests.
- Automated ProductItem special attributes: _referer/_priority
- Added manual support for setting ProductItem special...
Lane Shaw


03:52 PM Product Web Revision e4eedc61 (product-web): Updated Midway USA spider for compatibility.
- Improved pack size regex filter to remove more false positives. Lane Shaw


06:15 PM Product Web Revision 29ae6c98 (product-web): Updated FishUSA spider for compatibility.
Lane Shaw
06:05 PM Product Web Revision 14a03e4d (product-web): Removed use of depricated functions.
Lane Shaw
06:01 PM Product Web Revision 075acc4a (product-web): Applied preferred flake8 settings to entire code base.
- Reformatted a large amount of whitespace.
- Formatted some imports.
- Reworked template string usage and some regul...
Lane Shaw


01:09 PM Product Web Revision 3aeb618c (product-web): Updated Impact Guns spider for compatibility with new site layout.
Lane Shaw
01:07 PM Product Web Revision dc8b71e6 (product-web): Minor visual fixes.
-Patched ProductImage creation against "status" added by scrapy 2.2 Lane Shaw

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