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02:34 PM Archer Tail Feature #55 (New): Menu with options
Menu with options
Should have:
-Header as a description for what the menu does
-Description text for the menu wh...
Aaron Dosser
02:30 PM Archer Tail Feature #54 (New): Levels
Levels are where the action happen. Monsters rush you, and you must use your arrows and abilities to defeat them! Lev... Aaron Dosser
02:27 PM Archer Tail Feature #53 (New): Quest system
The player will be able to undertake quests, which could include killing a certain number of a type of monster, or cl... Aaron Dosser
02:25 PM Archer Tail Feature #52 (New): UI system
The UI system will be a singleton with support for text boxes, buttons, image icons, and lists which can contain othe... Aaron Dosser


08:40 AM Fruit Frenzy Bug #50 (Closed): Debug: Nav Crawler Rendering
Aaron Dosser

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